Hi, T.J.,

My favorite PCT thru-hiker! Thanks, dear friend, for being there in our day of need. Nothing like trying to fill a vacant editor's chair in a big fat hurry. You made it all happen with great ease and much professionalism. You were the new kid on the block, but quickly acclimated and effortlessly owned the chair in no time at all. That was impressive and much appreciated. It was as if you'd been on board from the get go, and made us all comfortable.

It seems like we have a lot of friends in common and share similar values and tastes. So I think it must have been kismet that we came together in this venture, and who am I to argue with fate? You were a delight to work with, and a most cooperative team mate. Thank you!.

Additionally, I'm a big fan of your writing, and it's thrilling to watch you grow so rapidly in such a short time span. I've learned so much about CNF from you, and really liked hearing your takes on the submissions we got. I enjoy seeing your stories in such wide acceptance. and I look forward to seeing your work on the bookstore shelves soon.

Bev .

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