Hey Foxy!

This is it, kiddo. You, working your butt off right up until the last day, and me, right beside you, trying to keep up. What a partner, what a team player, what a guy!

It is so hard to give up the best employee I've ever know in my entire life. You define the meaning of excellence in organizations. Hiss Quarterly is so lucky to have you, as is any business you participate in. Your work ethic is exemplary. You were the first to volunteer to take on tasks, the first to learn new things in order to relieve me of responsibilities, and with professionalism, and pleasant, good humor, and extraordinary efficiency, the first to finish and complete needed projects without prompting or reminders. You were a Manager to model managers by. Wow, are you good!

And on top of all that, you are a fine poet with literary acumen and excellent taste. Our poetry submissions soared under your editorship, and some of the best poetry in the history of Lit Pot was published on your watch. How many publishers get so lucky? I am deeply indebted to you and thrilled that we were able to work together for as long as we did. There is not enough time or space to list all the times you bailed us out, and made impossible deadlines, and saved me from despair. Thank you, Foxy, from the depths of my heart.

All my Love,
Bev .

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