Hiya Sweetpea,

Imagine my luck to find you in this world! This unknown woman in Hawaii who wrote novels responded to my call for editors. I had seen your intelligent posts on Zoetrope's writing forum, but little did I know that I would be finding a lifetime friend, and not just the most talented and opinionated editor on the planet. Writers whose work got past your discerning eye and into an issue can count themselves among the elite.

My memory banks are full of our discussions and sharing of points of view and opinions. You are the person who made us all think a little harder about quality and literary merit. A no-nonsense head with impeccable taste, you took on any fight to keep the integrity in.

Remember how we sat around the floor in Fallbrook, planning and scheming for a better journal, for a better e-zine, for ways to take the work to the next level? You taught me so much. I even remember we argued about the kind of paper on which to print the books. And I had to think carefully before every decision, but whatever that decision was, you backed it 100%. That was the supportive and amazing piece of your personality. You would give your all and then support my all.

Somewhere in the course of getting your MFA, (a program in No. Carolina), you began to write poetry. That stunned me, and then I watched as you read and absorbed poetry theory, workshops, and studied like a monk until you were a poet extraordinaire. Your work far, far better than anything I could ever hope to write. It was like watching a butterfly emerge from a caterpillar. You were a miracle to behold. Your career is only begun. New beginnings.

I cannot even thank you for all the joy you bring to my life. I am looking forward to our romp in Italy this Spring, I am looking forward to visiting N.C, and meeting Mike, your hubby and maybe swinging a few golf clubs. I am thrilled to be counted among your friends, you who does not easily suffer fools. I am so grateful that you've suffered this one for years.

I love ya' lady,

Bev .

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