Dearest Danielle,

Special thanks are due you, busy lady. You did us an enormous service by taking on an editorship while in the middle of your MFA, raising a family, and traveling. And you did it with the cool sureness of a professional, without any drama or complaint. I've never properly thanked you, nor told you how much I rsspect your demeanor and handling of your job.

In addition, our overworked Carol was already on staff, so you started out as a second banana--coming in with great grace and humility. It was only days before Carol insisted on cutting you loose because of your keen knowledge and knowhow. And you held your own for the duration, making her and me proud.

The staff and I always knew we could lean your way, and get a straight and clear-headed opinion and with all the realities of your busy life, you still managed to fit our spontaneous requests for more, more, more into your busy life. Whether it was contests, or a committee-read of some piece we weren't sure about, you were available to us, and we could count on your savvy opinions to steer us straight.

Thanks, Danielle. You are a stunning writer and a wonderful woman. I'm honored to have had you on staff, and shall miss our workaday interactions.

Bev .

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