Ah, Buck

My dear pal, my rock, my mentor. Without you, there would have been nothing, NOTHING. I owe you for the whole shebang. Who knew when I published that incredible story of yours, and you wrote to me to suggest that maybe I should get some funding from a corporate sponsor, what would follow? You had all the vision that I lacked. You were the frick to my frack. I know I've thanked you a million times, but I'm thanking you again for your undying support, your business acumen, and your loyalty in the face of many, many challenges. Oy!

Remember when we were sitting in that Irish bar in Miami? Michelle Cameron's book tour had taken us down to Books & Books where you again were making connections, contacts, and tap dancing us into the real world. Michelle and I were both a little bit in love with you that day. You volunteered to drive us around from one end of the state to the other, and cheered us on whether we had people show up for the readings or not. You were funny, sweet, and so very kind.

I won't soon forget our visit to corporate headquarters. Some memories are just too rich. Even $10 gift certificates and no shows. We had some great laughs that week, and I hope we can visit again down the road.

Thank you for being the voice of reason, the voice of calm when I ran amok on a regular basis. Nobody could smooth my feathers faster or with fewer words than you. Sit! And I sat. hee hee. You have been such a part of this enterprise and of my life that I can only let you know that I didn't miss a beat of your intentions and love. Thank you so much.

Your bad but loving dog,
Bev .

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