Hi Myfanwy,

This is surrealism, sitting here and remembering our beginnings. You are this beautiful, young writer whose heart is so full that I weep almost every time I read a piece of yours. You came on staff with all that talent and radiating love, but feeling insecure because it was your first editing job. You took to it like a swan to water, gracefully gliding through every challenge, and your gentle nature evident in every transaction with writers and staff.

My curmedgeonly management and feisty personality hurt your feelings more than once, and I regret that I couldn't be a softer manager, but you hung in with me in spite of everything, even when others left. I was touched by that and indebted to you. I shall always think of you as a loyal, beautiful woman who knows her heart and the hearts of others better than most.

The flashes we published, and there were a myriad, are excellent and a tribute to your taste and care as an editor. You always knew the right thing the instant you saw it, and went to bat for writers that were deserving. You did such a fine job. I would have been lost without you.

Thanks for all your patience, your forgiveness, and your hard work.

It is thrilling to see your work being published and honored in so many venues. No one is more deserving. Your future is bright and I shall follow your light as a reader and fan.

Bev .

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