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canoe winnow

Carol Peters

we earn
a worn savior
a warm mirror
a woman's reassurance

we seize
moon sneezes
maize over rice
men in mouse ears

we examine
voice over
vicious winners
verses as manumission

we mean
noise in vain
noxious suasion
names as services

we cause
air waves
iron creases
excess nerves

we vow
raw manure
race winners
reason over worms

we rouse
an inner sense
an asinine caress
an onion’s sorrow

we woo

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Carol Peters recently received an MFA in fiction from Queens University of Charlotte. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming from Pembroke Magazine, Cairn, Pebble Lake Review, the WOM-PO anthology, and Bamboo Ridge. She lives in Pinehurst, NC. Read Carol's blog.

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