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Editor's Pot of Ink

Lit Pot Press to discontinue Ink Pot after 2005

Dear Friends:

We asked for your support and we got it.

There are not words to thank you all enough, and your love letters, email, donations and kindnesses that flooded in have buoyed the entire staff in this terrible time of sadness. Please know how much you mean to all of us.

I am leaving the original letter intact below, for readers who are just discovering our plight, and we will accept contributions until we reach 100% of what is needed. (still seeking postage revenue) But there WILL be a final issue, and it's all thanks to you.

We lost our Sponsor

Levenger has been a huge support to Lit Pot Press, Inc. over the last three years. We shall always be grateful that they made this venture possible. But all good things must come to an end, and we accept the verdict, celebrating what has been done rather than lamenting what might have been. There are other reasons as well for us to wind down the literary journal.

The Search for Trade Distribution

When I started the Ink Pot journal two years ago, I decided it was time to start looking for trade distribution. Only by a large network of sales would we become self sufficient and not need sponsorship. I thought the books and the work within deserved to be in bookstores and libraries, but knowing little about the business, it took a number of months to research what to do and how. It involved sending sample book, marketing plans, press kits and the like. Then began a series of applications which were summarily rejected, time after time, usually with no explanation. (much like trying to find an agent/publisher for a book.) I hit the literary distributors first (Small Press Distributors (SPD), Consortium, et al, then I tried Ingrams, Baker & Taylor, Koen, Partners, etc. The answer was always the same. No. Finally this year, in desperation, I joined PMA (Publishers Marketing Assn) and for $55 per book, THEY submitted books to a panel of distributors and if rejected, they send an explanation of why.

They were all rejected. Unanimously they thought the books were “exquisite” (their word). But their reasons for rejecting them all were: “poetry doesn’t sell; literary journals don’t do well in bookstores; the novel is by an unknown author, and the marketing plans didn’t include an advertising budget.”

When I inquired of other publishers what a reasonable advertising budget would be, I was told by a successful small press that they allocate $4,000 per book. That is almost my yearly budget for printing. So clearly I was never going to qualify for trade distribution.

Issue No. 7 in October 2005

Ink Pot No. 6 will be in the mail at the first of April.

J. Eric Miller’s two novellas “Bloodletting” and “Fruits of Lebanon” will also be released this month, March 2005. Once these are paid for, and shipped out, the coffers will be empty.

However, we have accepted work and have contractual agreements for enough material to almost fill another issue, so I feel compelled to print one last issue before discontinuing the magazine. This will be done. Issue No 7 in October 2005 will be our final issue.

I have put a “Penny for the Pot” donation link on our website in order to encourage contributions. Any monies received will be used to finish Issue No. 7.

I am asking you to dig in, and donate as much as you can to this last celebratory issue. I would like it to be a tribute to all the hard working staffers on Ink Pot, as well as a cup raised in toast to our writing community which participated in this magical venture with a whole heart.

I would be so grateful to you, and I plan on trying to send out Lit Pot Press books as tokens of our appreciation for all donations of $25 or more. Here are the books in inventory (limited quantities in some cases). Let us know in your Paypal message if you have any druthers.

The Carrington Monologues – Terri Brown Davidson
In The Shadow of the Globe – Michelle Cameron
Blue Crow – Michael Spring
This Rare Earth & Other Flights – Tom Sheehan
The Way Home – Joseph Faria
Debuts – First Published Writers edition
Literary Potpourri anthologies
Marie, Marie, Hold On Tight – Terri Brown Davidson
Bloodletting & Fruits of Lebanon – novellas by J. Eric Miller
Ink Pot #1
Ink Pot #4
Ink Pot #5
Ink Pot #6

We’re counting on you to help us over this last hurdle. And we thank you.

For those of you who have prepaid subscriptions, I shall prepare refunds for you in October. I'll send you an email as soon as I've had time to do the computations. My sincerest apologies.

The future—The Website and The Press

The Ink Pot/Lit Pot Press websites will continue to showcase pieces from Ink Pot #6 and #7 for the next two years. After we have filled and shipped Ink Pot #7, we will no longer accept submissions, nor take subscriptions.

But, sales of single copies of all existing books will continue.

I will keep the Archives intact so that people’s work is viewable. (we have plans to streamline it).

Thank you for your Support!

So many people have done fine and supportive things for us, including the myriad of excellent writers, artists and photographers who entrusted their work to us in these four years. I just want to tell each and every reader, each and every contributor how much you’ve meant to me


Beverly Jackson
3909 Reche Rd. Ste. 96
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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