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Mission Statement

Ink Pot's mission isn't complicated. It is to print the best literary and artistic work it can find for the pleasure of its readers. We then reprint samples on our Ink Pot website.

In my opinion, writers have a thankless job. They are underpaid, (if paid at all,) and when submitting work, they sometimes wait months and even years to receive a rejection which usually comes in an impersonal form-letter. And to add insult to injury, writers are asked to not submit simultaneously to more than one publisher.

My staff and I are determined to change this by reading submissions quickly and thoroughly, returning them with a response as soon as humanly possible. At this point in time, that is usually within days or (but not often) weeks. This is our small way of paying respect to the labors of writers who honor us with submissions.

Being a writer myself, irked by the discourtesy and apathy of so many publications today, I look back nostalgically to yesteryear's models of all but forgotten editorial standards. The contributions of Maxwell Perkins and his ilk are legend, for they cared about their writers, groomed them with encouragement and support. The real joy in being an editor is precisely that--to find talent, promote it and support it to maturity. We live in a different world today, but I don't think 'abuse' and disrespect should be excused in any generation. When submissions get so heavy that a reasonable response time is impossible, we shall change our Guidelines to narrow the field and increase our reading staff or get out of the business.

Meanwhile, I'm inspired and delighted with much of the work we receive, especially warmed by the opportunity to provide a first publishing experience for up and coming writers. But our base continues to be the extraordinary work of seasoned professionals, and for their continued generosity I am grateful.

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Yours, sincerely,

Beverly Jackson
3909 Reche Rd. Ste. 96
Fallbrook, CA 92028